"Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you....For I am the Lord, your God...." Isaiah 43:1-3

Monday, 22 June 2009

3 days...ONLY DAYS left!!!

it´s raining...
some more shopping today - basicaly I´m ready to go :)
people keep freaking out when they find out I´m going this Friday - and I was considering to join them and panick a little bit more but I just feel so ready to go!
the shop keeper from the Sport shop where I bought my watter bottle was very kind and he even gave me some advices - it was wonderful to meet someone who doesn´t think I´m nuts.
right now I´m packing - yes I know it´s time to pack and don´t worry I´ll manage to pack it all-there are still 3 days left :)

and there was nice little note with "useful information for travelers" in my anti-malaria medication - there are nice little stickers for me - to mark the day of next dose ...yumm yumm...

23 C in Nairobi right now (73,5 F). I´d love to tell you more but there´s nothing interesting going on right now- you´ll have to wait few more days.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Dear anonymous,

I´m writing this blog with love and hope that it might inspire someone and I also want to share my joy with the whole world so I´m sure you´ll understand why I didn´t publish your comment. I praise God with everything I do (at least I try to do so). I´m sorry if you really believe in what you said but if you opened your heart, just a little bit, you would feel His love and His care for you.
I´d love to ask everyone of you my dear flowers to pray for anonymous commenter(s), pray for wisdom and faith and peace for their brokem hearts.
I have to approve every comment you make on my blog – but it´s just because I like to receive e-mails reminding me about all those beautiful encouraging comments you leave here and I never thought that I´ll have to deal with something as sad as broken spirit of anonymous.
I wish you luck and lots of love on your way through life and I sure DO hope your steps will lead you toward Him, because He´s the only right way, dear anonymous.
I wish I could hug you and say that everything will be fine, I wish I could give you piece of my heart and you would feel Him in your life, because He´s here all the time.



PS: don´t even bother to comment again, if you don´t have anything constructive to say, and please don´t hide your own face behing stupid wrong quotes of people who made so many mistakes in their lives that only God can forgive them. Say something on your own, if you have to, but don´t make me read such ridiculous quotations.

PPS: sorry that you had to read this because (thankfuly) it doesn´t concern majority of you... :)

Friday, 12 June 2009

my doctor was scared...

today (finally) I got my last shot (YF) but oh boy...I had to fight for it!

so first thing in the morning we went to my normal doctor to get the documents about my Hep A and B vaccination, them we went to that "special"doctor for exotic disseases and infections...
but she wasn´t there...actually she was, but they had some meeting today and apparently I´m not an "urgent case" as they call it so they said I should go to my normal doctor and she will give me the shot...ok...we went to the doctor who gives international certificates of vaccination and asked if it would be ok to get the shot from my normal doctor and just bring her some paper about it...she said it´s absolutely fine and that my normal doctor can call her if she had any questions (because YF is live vaccine they were all a little bit "cautious" about it...) so I went back to my doctor (nurse was shocked to see us again) and this is the moment when my normal doctor panicked...(I completly understand her because side effects/complications include death and she didn´t want to take such responsability + she isn´t allowed to give such shots because it should be done by specialist or something...) so she called the doctor who gives certifiate and (with high, panicked voice) they were yelling at each other, keeping conversation at friendly (children appropriate) all time long...

and so we went back to the special doctor and with some luck she gave me the shot. (no panicking, no extra caution...she just said: "Ok but quickly!" :D )She´s great (remember that photo of me getting a shot last time? - so that´s her next to me :)

and I have my INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATES OF VACCINATION (for YF, typhoid, meningococcal meningitis and Hep A and B)

Monday, 8 June 2009

just go and read it...

this beautiful post touched my heart and I´m going to remember it for the rest of my life. Just go and read it:


PS: Ashley thanks so much for posting that story. I keep praying for you guys :)

Africa- coming soon!

Two university exams ahead, Evan peacefuly resting under my table and /best book ever/ "Enough to make a cat laugh" by Deric Longden is trying to catch my attention by constantly staring at me from the opposite side of my table. Sun is shamelessly bright, it should be illegal - how am I supposed to concentrate when everything´s so marwellous outside?
I cleaned was trying to clean my table today. I really was! Anyway... Africa is almost here! 18 days left! One more shot /yellow fever/ and many good byes to be said. 4 letters to be written and sent, luggage to be packed, flight ticket insurence to be found actually I found it already, it was hiding in the mess on my table.
so I´ll be packing my "carry on" soon - that´s my favourite part of packing - so any suggestions about what should I have there?

And yes, don´t even bother to ask...I still have Christmas decorations over my table, and yes it´s mid-June . ... who cares?

Thursday, 4 June 2009

this will be so importand day for my friend...I pray pray pray...

court date sounds like something very serious and really importand, and it really is! And even more important when it´s a date for which you´ve been waiting such a long time.

Make your own Countdown Clocks

so let´s all pray together because this day (Thursday June 11th) is one of the most important days of this year.
It´s been a long journey for us, but for God it´s all just a blink of His eye,
but we are human beings and as every child, we are impatient and we can´t wait to hear You answering "YES" when we ask "Are we there yet?"
...so Dear Lord, give us strength to see beauty of every moment and make our waiting shorter by showing us Your Love. You as a Father, know how difficult it is, to wait and count down seconds until You can bring your child home, so look at my friend and give her peace as she´s waiting for the day when she´ll be able to bring her son home :) ...I know my Lord that every story in your book has Happy Ending, so all I ask for is patience and peace, while we are waiting for that joyful moment.