"Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you....For I am the Lord, your God...." Isaiah 43:1-3

Wednesday, 23 December 2009


Be the glory to God,
Because thanks to Him,
I have all I need.
And all I could ever ask for
is already here,
Filling my heart
with endless happiness.

Still, some people close their eyes
Choose not to see it,
They wish more luck,
And ask for more blessings
to meet me in my life.
But I know my truth,
I know the Love which came
to give me peace
and so all I ask for
is to make them see.

Show them my Lord,
That you are here.
And if by any chance,
someone still prays for me
Then all I ask for, my God,
is to take these prayers.

Listen to them,
treasure them in your heart
and take care of every single one.
Keep them close,
To never forget
To never get them lost
And one day, when you´ll decide
it´s time to stand up and reply,
once You put them all in one,
wait a minute and add mine,

add it to that lot and send it all
to people who need them more.
And when you´ll be on the way,
bringing your answer to my world,
give many greetings to my soldier,
Myriads of good-night kisses to all my kids

Hug every living creature you meet
Give them all wisdom
and peace they all need.
Look at the orphans,
and parents with empty craddle,
take care of homeless
and men who struggle,
trying to live their lives alone
and fill the needs of my hoping world,
that´s all I ask for.

Monday, 2 November 2009


I love flying, the further I go, the more I enjoy the yourney. I love everything from packing through waiting at the airport to the scent on the board. That magic mixture of coffee, bittersweet Earl Grey tea, microwavable food, recycled air and humans. Who wouldn´t love it?
And then imagine you´re sitting next to some highly interesting passanger and you have full five hours in front of you. Five hours of short polite talks, comments about the food served on board and hours of pretended interest for each other. Even better is if you happen to sit next to a child – it´s great opportunity to throw stuffed Pooh teddy bear at each other and to get that wonderful book where you have to find blue dog hiding on each page, you can smile at each other, no need to talk, just loving the milk-rice they give you together with some kind of dump lasagne and chewy croissant. This is why I love flying so much, that´s why I´ll never grow tired of it. If five hours is absolute delight, then imagine that after that, you´ll board another plane for another five-hours-long heavenly flight.
And after almost half a day of traveling, running across various airports and meeting people who absolutely don´t care about you, you find yourself in Jommo Kenyatta International Airport and the adventure just begins. That´s why I love flying.

news from WWB

all kids are doing well and Jackline and Diana are really great atschool! they were first in their class! I´m so proud of them!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

missing my kids

- getting used to hot water (read: already able to take hot showers :) and I also don´t feel urge to eat as much as I can every time when I come home - that was a bad issue few weeks after my return home - I was just eating and eating - enjoying every bite, every flawor, just stuffing myself with as much food as I could (like in Java house in Nairobi - when we didn´t know when we´ll see "normal" food again) ...now I´m starting to miss Githery - really, and I miss those plastic cups in which water tasted like mixture of beans and laundry soap, and I miss my shaky bed and metal door which we left open every night, I miss cold mornings and silent waiting for hot cup of chai, ...geez I miss africa....and it´s getting worse every day, and every night before I go to sleep I just pray, I pray for my kids, because they are mine and all I need right now is them to be safe and sound, I need them to be happy and I just desperately want to check on them right now, today, in this second.

Friday, 16 October 2009

bad day for my left arm

ouuuch, today was bad day for my left arm.
At first, I went to hospital - to get my blood tested for HLA - to become a bone marrow registrated donor, then my doctor gave me the last vaccination (hep A and B).
Like I said, not a good day for my arm...
so I might say that africa is over - as I´ve been there more than 2 months ago and today I finished all the medical blah blah blah...but it´s not over, and it´ll never be. Africa is forever a part of me.
I´m back home, enjoying free friday and it´s snowing!!!! and I keep thinking about my kids in Africa.
For them "winter" has finished.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009


do you know which "luxury" I missed in africa?
SHOWER - all we had was bucket of cold water (of course that I could heat up a kettle or two to make the water a litle bit warmer but those of you who know me for a while already know that I' m too lazy to do that, so I "showered" in cold water all the time. can you imagine how excited I was when I came home and I was about to take my first hot shower in 6 weeks? - yes HOT - I didn't care that it was summer, I didn't care that people were sweating all around me becase it even thought it as night, the temperature was still overwhelming. I just wanted my hot shower. And then after 6 weeks of cold buckets all I could manage was mild (almost cold) shower and still I felt as if I was washing with boiling water - even now, after almost 3 weeks of my "luxurious" normal life I can't have hot shower because it would hurt...I just got use to cold water and all what I care about right now is that the water is running and I can take cold shower every night - maybe I'll be back to normal around Christmas and I'll get my hot shower after my first snowboarding trip - or maybe not - I might shower with cold water for the rest of my life - who knows?
BTW mom thought it was fnny that after my first shower all bathtub was filled with red african dust, well, what can I say? - i was just one of the souvenirs I brought home from Kenya - people should learn to appreciate small things.

Friday, 21 August 2009


I don´t know if I already told you about our laundry experiences in Kenya but washing our clothes was pretty interesting ... we half-filled our bucket with cold water and then used old-fashioned laundry soap and "magic brush" (= ordinary brush which in fact does wonders - it makes disappear the red african dust) or Toss gentle detergent - then we tried our best, but whatever we did, we ended up with bucket of muddy soapy water and at the end we considered everything what was wet to be clean.
sometimes we rinsed the muddy soapy clothes in half-bucket of clean cold water, sometimes not...the more soap we keep in the fabric, the better it will smell - by the end of my stay I didn´t care much about stains, I just wanted something what smelled good better than the rest of my clothes.

shoes, my heart and evening prayer

Shoes are one of the few things which bother me now, after my come-back. I keep fighting with unbearable desire to take off my shoes on the most inappropriate places – in the shorring center, on the street, up on the hills behind our house (well there I gave up and simply walked barefoot as I did in africa but in public it´d be really odd)
And I enjoyed my barefoot summer in the middle of Kenya but still, it´s neither healthy, nor safe for kids to run around with no shoes on, so I left 3 pairs there and so I can say that together with my heart which I left in africa, there are also my sandals and shoes (any many many more items blah blah – not important).
Sospeter has my Teva sandals, big Joyce has my Crocs and Felister has my sneekers. I came home with no summer shoes at all and so daddy bought me new Teva sandals and I can´t wait to go back to africa – to meet my heart there and pass these new sandals to some other kid.

Prayer before dinner (only sound) – I absolutely love when they say: „...and then I pray!....“ David used to imitate them and it was one of my favorite moments of the day.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

interesting stuff

I didn´t write much about past events in WWB, mostly because I didn´t know what to say, I didn´t feel like thinking about it again and again,..but the trut is I can´t stop thinking about them and I keep asking myself what happened? Photobucket
...and I think world has to know, and I also promised to let you know... and then today when I chacked my dashboard Ifound David´s great post with facts and explanations for you guys, so... interesting stuff by David :

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Everybody´s asking about Africa, more precisly Kenya, and everybody wants to know everything, and now after few days of doing-nothing, just enjoying my boring „normal“ life, the time has come, to tell you what exactly happened and what I learned...

Africa is different, different from our standards, from all what we´re used to. What did I miss the most? Shower – is the first thing which comes to my mind but the truth is that dirt didn´t bother me so much. The thing which I missed the most was COMMON SENSE. such word doesn´t exist there, for most of the people who we mwt.

Did I find what I was looking for? NO I didn´t. I found much more. At first as a„short-term“ volunteer you have to accept the fact that you won´t change Africa (at least not during your first stay there) but that Africa will CHANGE YOU.
What about experience? – it was the best experience of my life (so far) but no, it wasn´t what I expected. It was hard but after all it was positive.
Did we bring some change after all? I DO hope so, certainly we found problems and we didn´t go home without telling the world.
Africa was overwhelming, and sometimes too different to feel comfortable there, Africa was frustrating and sometimes so slow that I could hardly believe that world is still turning.
Now Geoffrey says that Dona was fired, that he will find the solutions for problems which we found and that he will try to change. –that´s little hope, but still, it´s more than nothing and if Dona´s really gone, then I can sleep better. I never wished anybody anything bad but wanting her to go away, to be as far as possible from our little angels was so important for me, now they are safe protected by all the members of the staff who love them so much.Photobucket

Our group of volunteers left but all our hearts stayed there, in those small rooms with squeaking iron beds and dusty red floor. Our hearts stayed there with 24 amazing kids, and our hearts will stay there until we come back to be reunited with our wonderful children.

I won´t forget, WE won´t forget and every moment of our time while we´re away will be dedicated to the thoughts about them, about Africa, about our home.

I don´t want to say much about the problems which we faced for now,because now Geoffrey says they will be solved and until I know for sure, what´s happening right now, I´ll believe that it´s true and I´ll hope for the best :)

Thursday, 30 July 2009

keep going

yesterday I had a shower, then I washed away, last remains of my „tan“ with baby wet wipes and put some Waterless germ soap on my hands, so now I´m still dirty but it´s clean harmless dirt. And my feet were relatively clean too, until the first step I took after my „shower“.
Yesterday was wonderful day with Boniface, I had my first bite of shugar cane ever and I loved it and I had a cup of tea without shugar and I loved it too and I´m still in love with Africa.
And btw I changed the date of my flight, so I´ll be home next Sunday (august 9th).

Saturday, 25 July 2009

masai mara

more pictures from safari....

Thursday, 23 July 2009

back "home" from safari

3 days on safari with the best guide ever...thanks Stanley!!!! :)

Thursday, 16 July 2009

world has to know

First two weeks here in africa were absolutely amazing (except for little sickness and the fact that I didn´t have my baggage for first ten days ). Orphanage seemed to be so much better place for these kids, than staying with guardians or grandmoms who couldn´t take good care of them... I mean, they get food three times per day, they get clean water and place to sleep and they get toys and volunteers to play with and people who care...but this little paradise illusion started to fall appart. One persom from the staff doesn´t agree with orphanage policy (no beating or physical punishment for kids) and she beats girls all the time – apparently she did it before but G. decided to give her another chance (not second, but another!) and now she did it again, all staff, volunteers and kids are against her but nothing has been done. „Boss“ of the organisation came and said he´ll resolve this problem but now he´s leaving again and all we get was appology from D. and she said she won´t do it again...was that supposed to be the solution? Is this all? Nothing else? Girls will still sleep in the same room with her and nobody cares? – WE DO CARE but for God´s sake what can we do? Leave? Close our eyes and go back to our comfy normal lives???
Paradise is lost and I can only pray for it to be found again. Sky is grey and storm is coming but I don´t fear because God is with me, but why does it have to be so hard for the kids? They already lost their parents, they won´t see them again on this world and the only place they have is this orphanage.
World isn´t fair but we´ll try to make it at least better place,
to make it place where kids could smile,
to make it place where kids could do mistakes and learn from them without being punished,
to make it place where they could grow and live.

I wish I could dream like this, I wish I could say how wonderful it is but I can´t. World has to know and we won´t be silent.

PS: I´m still the same optimistic Jarka you know and I´m happy we are here because I believe that we´ll bring some change (and we will change as well).

We´re still waiting for the final decision and whatever it will be, world will know, I promise.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

hot and dusty, never clean...

I was washing my clothes today - they are still dirty but at least they smell like my laundry soap so it´s better than nothing.
we (volunteers) are having BBQ tomorrow :) yumm yumm

everything is hot and dusty here, today we went to do some "field work" with Bonifac and I have some cool pictures but I´ll have to resize them because this internet is incredibly slow :P

I´m also homesick and quite sad right now (might be a side effect of those stupid anti-malaria pills as well)

so I´ll say ttfn, here´s one more picture from yesterday :)

Monday, 13 July 2009

best shoes for climbing trees= no shoes

Sospeter took some really great pictures, and as he´s usually very shy, I was so happy to see him come to me. I let him listen to my mp3 player and then he smiled and world was turning again...he talkes to me in Kikuyu (local language) and I smile and talk to him in English (each of us just guessing what the other one says)...

today was really hot and we didn´t have much to do, so we went to shamba (garden) and there I was pulling strings out of one sack to get them long enough to tye tomatoe plants to the sticks...then I came back home and had rice with beans for lunch...then I was bored so I climbed few trees (yes, I´m still as white as I´ve been when I came - african sun is strange) and then Sospeter came...

Sunday, 12 July 2009

bath time

it´s hard to keep clean here in Kenya but you have to try (at least)...

Saturday, 11 July 2009

so much to say...so slow internet...

bell is ringing - that means everybody should go out and wash before dinner (I had "shower" today = I washed myself in a bucket full of cold water, so I don´t have to go now...)
sun is going to sleep and we don´t have electricity today, but it´s weekend so no homework done with the light from the torch...
everything is slow here, life, time, internet, and I don´t mind, it´s nice to get some rest.

I´m ready for dinner (literally starving to death) :)
we use some food seasonings here, called "chicken masala", "beef masala" and today boys bought "fish masala" - all yellow stuff with exactly the same taste...

Friday, 10 July 2009

swing on mango tree

today I was swinging on a swing on mango tree....
life is so peaceful here in Kenya...

Monday, 6 July 2009

love africa

everything is great. you just have to love africa.
my feet will probably never be clean again but I don t care. Life is so good over here.
{sorry no photos for now , internet is a way too slow to even send regular updates home , so no chance to upload pictures}

thanks for all the comments, I appreciate every one of them.

love from Kenya


Monday, 22 June 2009

3 days...ONLY DAYS left!!!

it´s raining...
some more shopping today - basicaly I´m ready to go :)
people keep freaking out when they find out I´m going this Friday - and I was considering to join them and panick a little bit more but I just feel so ready to go!
the shop keeper from the Sport shop where I bought my watter bottle was very kind and he even gave me some advices - it was wonderful to meet someone who doesn´t think I´m nuts.
right now I´m packing - yes I know it´s time to pack and don´t worry I´ll manage to pack it all-there are still 3 days left :)

and there was nice little note with "useful information for travelers" in my anti-malaria medication - there are nice little stickers for me - to mark the day of next dose ...yumm yumm...

23 C in Nairobi right now (73,5 F). I´d love to tell you more but there´s nothing interesting going on right now- you´ll have to wait few more days.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Dear anonymous,

I´m writing this blog with love and hope that it might inspire someone and I also want to share my joy with the whole world so I´m sure you´ll understand why I didn´t publish your comment. I praise God with everything I do (at least I try to do so). I´m sorry if you really believe in what you said but if you opened your heart, just a little bit, you would feel His love and His care for you.
I´d love to ask everyone of you my dear flowers to pray for anonymous commenter(s), pray for wisdom and faith and peace for their brokem hearts.
I have to approve every comment you make on my blog – but it´s just because I like to receive e-mails reminding me about all those beautiful encouraging comments you leave here and I never thought that I´ll have to deal with something as sad as broken spirit of anonymous.
I wish you luck and lots of love on your way through life and I sure DO hope your steps will lead you toward Him, because He´s the only right way, dear anonymous.
I wish I could hug you and say that everything will be fine, I wish I could give you piece of my heart and you would feel Him in your life, because He´s here all the time.



PS: don´t even bother to comment again, if you don´t have anything constructive to say, and please don´t hide your own face behing stupid wrong quotes of people who made so many mistakes in their lives that only God can forgive them. Say something on your own, if you have to, but don´t make me read such ridiculous quotations.

PPS: sorry that you had to read this because (thankfuly) it doesn´t concern majority of you... :)

Friday, 12 June 2009

my doctor was scared...

today (finally) I got my last shot (YF) but oh boy...I had to fight for it!

so first thing in the morning we went to my normal doctor to get the documents about my Hep A and B vaccination, them we went to that "special"doctor for exotic disseases and infections...
but she wasn´t there...actually she was, but they had some meeting today and apparently I´m not an "urgent case" as they call it so they said I should go to my normal doctor and she will give me the shot...ok...we went to the doctor who gives international certificates of vaccination and asked if it would be ok to get the shot from my normal doctor and just bring her some paper about it...she said it´s absolutely fine and that my normal doctor can call her if she had any questions (because YF is live vaccine they were all a little bit "cautious" about it...) so I went back to my doctor (nurse was shocked to see us again) and this is the moment when my normal doctor panicked...(I completly understand her because side effects/complications include death and she didn´t want to take such responsability + she isn´t allowed to give such shots because it should be done by specialist or something...) so she called the doctor who gives certifiate and (with high, panicked voice) they were yelling at each other, keeping conversation at friendly (children appropriate) all time long...

and so we went back to the special doctor and with some luck she gave me the shot. (no panicking, no extra caution...she just said: "Ok but quickly!" :D )She´s great (remember that photo of me getting a shot last time? - so that´s her next to me :)

and I have my INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATES OF VACCINATION (for YF, typhoid, meningococcal meningitis and Hep A and B)

Monday, 8 June 2009

just go and read it...

this beautiful post touched my heart and I´m going to remember it for the rest of my life. Just go and read it:


PS: Ashley thanks so much for posting that story. I keep praying for you guys :)

Africa- coming soon!

Two university exams ahead, Evan peacefuly resting under my table and /best book ever/ "Enough to make a cat laugh" by Deric Longden is trying to catch my attention by constantly staring at me from the opposite side of my table. Sun is shamelessly bright, it should be illegal - how am I supposed to concentrate when everything´s so marwellous outside?
I cleaned was trying to clean my table today. I really was! Anyway... Africa is almost here! 18 days left! One more shot /yellow fever/ and many good byes to be said. 4 letters to be written and sent, luggage to be packed, flight ticket insurence to be found actually I found it already, it was hiding in the mess on my table.
so I´ll be packing my "carry on" soon - that´s my favourite part of packing - so any suggestions about what should I have there?

And yes, don´t even bother to ask...I still have Christmas decorations over my table, and yes it´s mid-June . ... who cares?

Thursday, 4 June 2009

this will be so importand day for my friend...I pray pray pray...

court date sounds like something very serious and really importand, and it really is! And even more important when it´s a date for which you´ve been waiting such a long time.

Make your own Countdown Clocks

so let´s all pray together because this day (Thursday June 11th) is one of the most important days of this year.
It´s been a long journey for us, but for God it´s all just a blink of His eye,
but we are human beings and as every child, we are impatient and we can´t wait to hear You answering "YES" when we ask "Are we there yet?"
...so Dear Lord, give us strength to see beauty of every moment and make our waiting shorter by showing us Your Love. You as a Father, know how difficult it is, to wait and count down seconds until You can bring your child home, so look at my friend and give her peace as she´s waiting for the day when she´ll be able to bring her son home :) ...I know my Lord that every story in your book has Happy Ending, so all I ask for is patience and peace, while we are waiting for that joyful moment.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

M&M's and typhoid and tye-die

today was long day, but I enjoyed every second :) ...getting a shot, playing with little angel (our teacher´s daughter) all afternoon and it was quite sunny ... and Iwas wearing my tye-died t-shirt (which I made few years ago when I was a "water fairy" during "Fairy tale forest" - one local action for kids :) ...and finally I´ve sent my hair to locks of love...and I gave my teacher all school books then borrowed us for this year :P so it was really long and successful day
good night everybody, I´m off to bed :)

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

God doesn´t have everything

He never had, and will never have a plan B. All what´s happening here, on the world is His very first plan A which works perfectly and He only knows why he planned this for us.
We have many plans...of course everybody starts with plan A, then B,if something doesn´t work as we imagined, plan C because our situation changed, plan D because we see an unexpected opportunity... and soon we are running out of lettres and wishing that alphabet was longer.
And He only needs one letter, His alphabet could start and end with the very same letter A.
And all what´s happening is His first plan, He doesn´t have to adjust it when some accident occures or when there´s the end of the road. And this brings peace to my heart, knowing that He planned this all, everything has reason, every step leads toward Him.
Our plans are just foolish dreams of kids, His plan is leading hand of loving Father.
And our plans might change but everytime, when you are at plan Z remember it´s just the A for Him and everything´s going well.

Monday, 25 May 2009

some more babbling about medical stuff

my doctor thinks it might be funny to give me one more shot, apparently she enjoys sticking needles to kids (Nick says I´m still just a kid so...let´s pretend it´s true).
and that´s why I´ll get a MENINGOCOCCAL MENINGITIS shot this week and YF+ typhoid later.
I will call it M&M's (short form of meningococcal meningitis shot) because if you tell a kid that the doctor will give you M&M's, day seems to be brighter and world is up side down.
meningococcal meningitis breaks my tongue even if I just try to say it out loud, so the actual disease have to be much more dangerous - that´s why I´m quite happy my doctor suggested this and I´ll get my M&M's without complaining (as a good 19 years old kid).
so this makes my list of medical stuff even longer, but because "safety first" I really can´t say anything.
And how mean is my doctor - every time when she´s about to give me a shot, she asks if I´m right-handed and then she sticks that needle to my left arm -so I can still write at school (no more school for now, but still, I think she´s mean! )

Friday, 22 May 2009

this is for ABBY and for Locks of Love...and all kids of the world, who deserve little joy :)

that was really easy and I feel so much better now :)
The first second, when my friend started to cut my hair, was pretty scary but then I remembered that it´s for good thing and I enjoyed getting my haircut :) so now I´m ready for summer and for hot weather in Kenya (it won´t be so hot there, as it will be Winter in africa but... :D )

few more photos:

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

just YF and typhoid left...

today whas the day with big H ...my second Hep A and B shot is over and there´s only Yellow fever and typhoid left.... :D I´ll have to get the last Hep shot in 5 months but I don´t care because it really doesn´t hurt :)
-sorry, no photos because I forgot to take my camera :o
I´ll update soon but now thare are BIG exams at school and I should concentrate :P

Sunday, 10 May 2009

run and tell that

(just turn out the music -there´s a player on the side bar)

the blacker the berry sweeter the juice....the darker the chocolate the richer the taste....
...I completly agree ...
I just wanted to share this video because I can´t get it out of my head-great song
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

anybody wants to cut my hair?

this summer will be really hot - as I´ll spend it in Kenya :)
and my hair is quite long now and so I´ll have to cut it before I go (because it´s really annoying now - it gets stuck in the shoulder strap of my school bag, it´s literally everywhere and I NEED change...)
and then I realised that if I´m going to cut my hair now, I can use it for some good thing...at first I only wanted to cut few inches but now I changed my mind...
10 inches will go away...far far away actually - all the way to some little princess...

I´m going to DONATE my hair because:
-it´s long enough to make someone happier
-I don´t really need it
-it will help someone who´s fighting for life

you can do it too - get some nice short haircut for summer and make someone´s life a fairy tale :)

What a honor it will be for me, to know that some little knight or sweet little fairy are smiling because of me :)
I´m sharing this on my "Living Big" blog because I think it´s important part of my "WORLD CHANGING" ... sharing my happiness with the others and helping kids to live their dreams - that´s all what matters :)
I´m writing this whole blog, in hope that it might inspire someone and I thought this is worth sharing as well :)

(photo of my hair 3 months ago)

Sunday, 3 May 2009

almost ready

so my backpack arrived yesterday! it´s here and I call him Evan (that wasn´t my idea -giving a name to it but... :)
Evan - because I love the meaning :
It is of Welsh origin. Variant of a Gaelic name anglicised as John (Hebrew) "the Lord is gracious". In Celtic, the name means "young warrior". In Welsh, it means "God is Good". It is also used as a short form of Evangelos, which means "good messenger" in Greek. In Hebrew, Evan means "rock".

here´s the picture of me with Evan - I payed for it myself (with money I earned last summer) so it´s completly mine :)

and it´s gorgeous - all the pockets and straps and zippers and velcro everywhere :) and I will take it as "carry on board" backpack so I can start thinking about the way how to pack it :)
+ ouch next week is another round of my hepatitis vaccination - if you don´t like needles don´t look because I´m planning to take a picture of the shot :D

Sunday, 19 April 2009

DOs and DON´Ts

there are so many rules in this world. e.g. now, in two months or so, I´ll be flying to Kenya and so I checked the "baggage allowance" and "restricted items" on the website of the company and..

-I can´t carry any radioactive material! (oh no!, I´ll have to leave the tone of that nuclear waste we have in the cellar at home!)
-I can only take 20 kg ( 44lbs.)
-I can NOT smoke (nobody can THANKS GOD!!! :) ...it will be nice flight after all...)

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

ouch...it didn´t hurt at all...

fisrt HEPATITIS A and B shot is over...

it looks terrible but I didn´t feel it.
-I will need 3 of them (one now, second in one month time and last in 6 months)
-after first two shots, I´ll be protected for 6 months
-it costs 50 € per dose (= 150 € for full vaccination)
-you can buy it in pharmacy, without prescription
-younger kids (born 1998 or later) are vaccinated for free...my fault I was born in 1989 - bad order of last two numbers :P ...let´s face the truth - I´m too old, nobody wants me, who cares I could get hepatitis? :D ...but I´m happy that it´s free for kids now :)

unfortunately it doesn´t have any funny side effects so no interesting story to tell (yet)

Thursday, 9 April 2009

some purchases made today...

-backpack ordered (many many thanks to the best of the best friends Martin!!! )
-flight ticket bought (many many thanks to "CKM travel" office for being so kind and patient with me )
I´ll fly to Cairo and then to Nairobi - it´s night flight so I hope the pilot won´t fall asleep somewhere in the middle of the journey...and I also hope I won´t miss my flight and stay sleeping at the airport in Cairo - they wouldn´t be very happy there :D

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

I´m flying ...

it´s even more real...becoming really real!!!
7th April 2009 - flight is booked
(UPDATE - 9th april - I bought different ticket)

I´ve started a "ta-da list" and there are really so many things to be done
(how many times am I going to say "really" till I finish this post? )
no funny story about booking the ticket - the CKM employee was pretty brave (I beg she has houndreds of volunteers flying to Nairobi every day so there was nothing to be excited about...God knows I wish there were houndreds of volunteering people - world would be nicer) - but seriously, one would think she at least look at me..no, not a single blink...

Monday, 6 April 2009

geez...will they pick up that phone or not???

calling my doctor to say "Hi...and btw do you have a yellow fever vaccine for me?"
and guess what she said - nothing!!! she didn´t even picked up the phone - I´m wondering if she´ll do it in this century, or should I wait few more decades and try again?

I guess she doesn´t have many patients who would let her to come close with a needle without trying to get her down...I guess she doesn´t have many patients who are begging to get vaccinated and I guess not many of them are accually looking forward to it!!! - so she should enjoy me - peaceful, willing to get vaccinated girl!!!
I can´t wait (literally) to have my own documents...
someone else was lucky enough so here´s the picture from complete stranger of who I´m completly jealous!!!

Sunday, 5 April 2009

I´ll soon become an earth explorer...

yes, you´re right...this baby will travel with me...
my camera equipment (consists of one fairly small camera and bunch of memory cards) would easily slip into the pocket of my pants so you might be asking yourself why for goodness sake am I buying this?
the answer is easy :
- I simply enjoy feeling like a real explorer and looking cool with a backpack of each traveler´s dreams...
-it will last forever (I like the idea of my grand-children playing with it in the garden - pretending to be explorers like their grand-mom )
-it looks cool (and it really is cool, breathtaking, handsome, practical backpack)
-it´s NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC - it will add a pinch of professionality to my wandering (do you need another reason?)

and that front pocket for photographer´s gear can be filled with socks and diary or candy for kids (not if I´ll put socks there - don´t worry)
....now you can stare on my baby and be jealous...enjoy



I´m officialy happy

4th april 2009 - official acceptance letter from WWB
things are moving forward...
I know it´s just a small step on my journey but as Mother Teresa said:

"In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love. "

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

no progress

hmmm, my doctor was quite surprised when I announced I´ll go to Africa this summer and I need some vaccinations. But she handled it quite good and after one hour of waiting I levaed with small “sticky note” paper with phone number and name of some other doctor who´s a kind of specialist and so…
still NO PROGRESS!!!

how did I found out about WWB ?

watching Twilight movie inspired me...actually it was Edward who said the magical phrase... " you can GOOGLE it..."
and so I did GOOGLE it and here I am.

decision made - 27 march

my dream comes true. in summer 2009 I´ll be volunteering in an orphanage in Kenya. Right now, I´m getting ready - getting all the vaccinations, anti-malaria medication, information, ...being happy and overexcited...

you may want to visit the homepage of the orphanage where I´ll be helping, so here it is: http://www.watotowabaraka.org/