"Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you....For I am the Lord, your God...." Isaiah 43:1-3

Thursday, 16 July 2009

world has to know

First two weeks here in africa were absolutely amazing (except for little sickness and the fact that I didn´t have my baggage for first ten days ). Orphanage seemed to be so much better place for these kids, than staying with guardians or grandmoms who couldn´t take good care of them... I mean, they get food three times per day, they get clean water and place to sleep and they get toys and volunteers to play with and people who care...but this little paradise illusion started to fall appart. One persom from the staff doesn´t agree with orphanage policy (no beating or physical punishment for kids) and she beats girls all the time – apparently she did it before but G. decided to give her another chance (not second, but another!) and now she did it again, all staff, volunteers and kids are against her but nothing has been done. „Boss“ of the organisation came and said he´ll resolve this problem but now he´s leaving again and all we get was appology from D. and she said she won´t do it again...was that supposed to be the solution? Is this all? Nothing else? Girls will still sleep in the same room with her and nobody cares? – WE DO CARE but for God´s sake what can we do? Leave? Close our eyes and go back to our comfy normal lives???
Paradise is lost and I can only pray for it to be found again. Sky is grey and storm is coming but I don´t fear because God is with me, but why does it have to be so hard for the kids? They already lost their parents, they won´t see them again on this world and the only place they have is this orphanage.
World isn´t fair but we´ll try to make it at least better place,
to make it place where kids could smile,
to make it place where kids could do mistakes and learn from them without being punished,
to make it place where they could grow and live.

I wish I could dream like this, I wish I could say how wonderful it is but I can´t. World has to know and we won´t be silent.

PS: I´m still the same optimistic Jarka you know and I´m happy we are here because I believe that we´ll bring some change (and we will change as well).

We´re still waiting for the final decision and whatever it will be, world will know, I promise.


Lindsay/Hermitess said...

Just catching up on your entries. Love the pic of you in the tree! :)

Sad to hear the girls aren't being treated as they should. I will pray that something will be done.

I'm still excited and admiring the things you do. It's people like you who give the world hope. Doing, instead of talking. That's awesome!

Big hugs and I miss you on Opera. Take care!

mummyof5monsters said...

*hugs*for you, what youre doing is amazing:)

Henry said...

Hello Jarka,
I am very sorry to hear your experience in Kenya is not all you would like it to be. But you are there and you are God's light - even with a broken heart. You and everyone else there is being held up before our Father at this very moment. You are not alone.
Your brother in Christ, Henry.

Henry said...

Morning Jarka (at least here :)
Haven't seen any "action" on your post the last few days. Praying that you are still doing OK there. Keep the passion for the children: to do them good.
With warm regards, H.

daniel said...

I bought a modem for Chazon - and 500 shillings of air time - safari.com - heard of it? ongoing I will support the internet for them. at present it's the best 4,499 shillings I have ever spent. means i can actually see your blog now! it's almost fast! tomorow I will teach Lucy about social networking :) - will set her up on blogger.com and my.opera and EP. told her about you - she will be your life-long friend too. she wants you to come to Chazon so badly...maybe you will. I will return for sure. Samuel and Lucy are two of the greatest! Molo is suffering terribly - I can't began to tell you now - but they are here to see it change. You are and will be a BIG part of this BIG change - be VERY proud - kid :)

so sorry to hear about the abuse thing, don't even know what to say about it :(

keep your spirits up sweet friend - life is amazing and I sense real change is coming, I'm holding Geoffrey up and I have faith in him... not easy but try to be patient and loving and forgiving, we are all guilty -

it's 2:00am can't sleep - so sick right now - keep coughing - can't stop - no need to lie in bed keeping Jordi up